Irizarry's Called to Serve

This July 4th as I was heading to Panama from the MTC.  I had a three-hour layover in the Atlanta Airport where I was able to contact my parents for a few short minutes to say hello and send my love.  They in return added the most amazing news I heard that day which was that my cousin from Texas, Megan Irizarry will be serving in the same mission as I am.  Is that even possible!  She heads out September 27th to the MTC.  It will be great to have an Elder and Sister Irizarry in Panama.
Tiffany, Brittany, Megan (Cousins), Jake and Lauren (Sister).

Where to start, I have so much I want to say and so little time to write. First, I have no doubt that I was called by God to serve in Panama. I have already met people and have already changed lives. I have a testimony that we were all predetermined to be in certain places at certain times for certain people. That understanding has grown at the MTC and even more so in Panama. If you are still feeling nervous let me tell you that before now, every mission president was good. However, if you recall the Dallin H. Oaks talk about Good, Better, and Best, we have quite literally been given the best mission president. He is strict, but since he came and switched everything around starting a year ago, the baptisms per week jumped up from an average of 3-4 a week for the entire mission to now 60-80 every week.  We have so much work its incredible.

You were called at this time with these missionaries, with this mission president, with these people. Megan! These people are ready for you, your testimony, and even more your beautiful personality. They are just waiting to hear from you, you individually. Megan I know that you have been called to serve in Panama from God. The Spirit testifies to me that I have been called, but more importantly, that you are.

The language is rough, but always turn to the Lord for guidance. He will help you. Do your best to practice the language as much as you can at the MTC; it is such a cool place. Their priority there is you and they just opened the new buildings. Please use them and don't take them for granted. Also enjoy the food and the many people you will meet there. You are so lucky, you got called to the best mission in the world. You will see blessings everyday, especially with Cosecha's. They are so much cooler than tracking, so much more effective, and even a testimony builder. I'm so excited for you.

Jacob Irizarry