Two Floods This Week

Now, this week there were two floods. The first one was on Sunday, last night. We were outside and the rain came and started sprinkling and I thought, oh this is great, it’s not too hot outside and the rain feels refreshing. Sundays are the best in my opinion. Families are usually home and will answer their doors. I am promised three hours of church where I don’t have to walk and usually a member will come up to us and say hey what’s your plan for dinner. Yesterday we had dinner with the Elders Quorum President who feed us lunch. We talked and had a good time and the food was really good.  Before we left, he said, “Hey, would you like these Cheetos. I am probably not going to eat them.” So, I said of course.” (I thought: Any food you’re not going to eat we will gladly accept). During the time we were inside the rain got heavier and heavier, which we were able to hear because it is a bit easier to notice these things when you’re under a tin roof. We got on our way and it became less refreshing and I remember why I was told to bring a strong umbrella. As we walked in the streets with our feet completely soaked from the unavoidable puddles, I about died when I kid you not, I saw a person in their garage with a hose washing their car.

The rain was coming down even more and it made me think of elementary school when in the 6th grade, we studied about Greek Mythology. We had decided that when it rained it was because the Gods were crying. So, for some reason, I was humoring myself with the thoughts of one of Greek Gods having experienced something that had gone terribly wrong. 

We finally decided to seek shelter under a Chino tree to see if the bad weather would die down but it continued to be persistent.  We debated about getting a taxi and then just set foot again until someone saw us and invited us over.  We soon heard, “ELDERS.” Now at this point in time, I was soaking wet, a little bit cold, (which wasn’t a problem I’d thought I’d have) my shoes were completely submerged with water and I was a little hungry. I cannot express enough my gratitude for this family. They took us in, gave us towels to dry off and fed us as we waited for the rain to stop. It was so nice talking with them. One of them spoke English and told me don’t worry, I will translate. They were so kind, loving and Christlike. The only way I feel I can express my gratitude for this family is through scripture. In Matthew 25: 35 & 40. This family was given to us in our moment of need and they took in strangers as one of their own. They were not members but just genuinely good people. 

Shortly after, we got a call from the sister whose house flooded last week who was in trouble with her house flooding again. The first time we were able to drive up to the neighbor’s house; however, this time before we got to the neighbor’s house we had walked past houses where furniture was floating away. We actually saw a couch floating by and people sitting on their homes.  We stopped by the houses which looked like they were built on islands and in the center of the street you were already up to your knees in water. While making my way through waist high water, I felt something brush against my legs. I hit it with a stick and it went over to my other foot and then wrapped back around the backside of my leg. I am sure it wasn’t a crocodile, but we did see two later on so….I don’t know.  

The closest neighbor had knocked down his fence so that we didn’t have to cross at the deepest points. We did get into the members home and moved all of her furniture on top of her bed frame. At one point my companion was not thinking when he asked if he could use her bathroom. She then pointed to a toilet that was completely submerged except maybe an inch from the basin. We all had a good laugh. I did come home surprisingly a little bit more soaked than before. 

When we got home I opened my book bag and I expected the worse. I assumed there was going to be something ruined. I had prayed a little bit earlier in the day that my English Book of Mormon and my Spanish dictionary would be saved. I also carried a notebook that I had in my bag with the new words I had just learned, but it was at the bottom of my bag and was ruined. The Cheetos were laid on the top and blocked a significant amount of water. Both my books were untouched by the flood and the rain. I am so grateful.

I’d like to tell you about the second flood. The flood of blessing in my life. I cannot tell you how many times my prayers have been answered. From the simple words of please help me get a taxi home to the blessings of help me communicate with this investigator. Nothing is more frustrating when you put your heart on a platter and are trying to tell a story of how much this gospel has blessed your life and you look at their face and you’re confident that they have no idea what you just said. As I have been praying, I have received so many blessings. To say the least, I have been humbled. Now I always thought that I was humble, but I guess that’s probably the first sign that you definitely can improve. Our Prophet, Seer, and Revelator Thomas S. Monson said, “I am always humbled and grateful when my Heavenly Father communicated with me through his inspiration.  I have learned to recognize it, trust it, and follow it. Time and time again I have been the recipient of such inspiration.”  There is always room to improve, there is always something that we can learn, and there is always someone to help. 

I’d like to end this letter with a scripture that I feel summarizes my abundance of blessings this week. It is in Luke 5:4-7.  I know that as we strive to do everything we can do to listen to the words of Christ, he will bless us with a flood of blessings so much so that you won’t be able to hold them all and you can call over your friends to take some of your blessings. Constantly look for the Lords' hand in your life. Have faith that even though times may be hard, the Lord is still helping you. Be humble and ask the Lord for help. 

I'm on TV!
Where is the animal control around here? I already had a dog run at me and bite at my pants and try to rip them.  One kid ran and bit my leg, he was about five years old. I guess I'll take that any day over a crocodile.